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Good design matters – especially to attract and impress sponsors, partners and fans. Being a motorsport enthusiast since childhood and a professional graphic designer for over five years, I offer unique high quality designs for racing drivers and teams who want to stand out. Let's make nice things happen. 👋



I have been fortunate to work with some established teams and drivers in motorsport so far. Thank you for collaborating, it's been a pleasure.

Lubner Motorsport

For Lubner Motorsport's 2016 ADAC TCR Germany campaign, I came up with the livery design of their Opel Astra TCR.

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Mahindra Racing –
Berlin ePrix Poster

For the 2017 FIA Formula E Berlin ePrix, Mahindra Racing collaborated with me on their official race poster. Every element on the poster is digitally drawn.

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Mahindra Racing –
Concept Livery

Before the 2016/17 FIA Formula E season, Mahindra Racing started the #DrivenByDesign contest to let fans design their livery. One of my submissions was shortlisted among the top 13.

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Robin Brezina

For over two years, Robin Brezina (ADAC TCR Germany) and me have been working together on his logo, website and promotional material.


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LMS Racing

Since 2016, I have been working together with LMS on various small projects, including the design of their pit wall (with custom-made numbers!) and some concept liveries for their TCR cars.

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FIA Formula E

Based on the renders that Spark Racing Technology released in January 2017, I edited some of the current liveries on the new chassis – including a Mercedes concept livery. This project was created completely independently and has no affiliation with the FIA Formula E.

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